Lieutenant Colonel David Ginn: Navigating Challenges in Military Medicine

Lieutenant Colonel David Ginn, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Augusta University, has over 10 years of experience as a Physician Assistant in the US Army. With a Doctor of Medical Science degree in Global Health and a background in computer science, he is well-equipped to address the complex health issues facing military and civilian populations worldwide.

Early Career and Education

Born in Hobart, Indiana, on November 29, 1981, Lieutenant Colonel David Ginn began his military journey in the United States Army Reserves before receiving an ROTC scholarship from Florida Southern College. After earning his Bachelor’s Degree in computer science and mathematics, he commissioned as a Transportation Officer in the Regular Army.

Experience in the Field

Lieutenant Colonel Ginn’s military service led him to various deployments, including Iraq, where he served as a platoon leader and Convoy Commander, navigating some of the most dangerous roads in the world. He later pursued a Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies through the Interservice Physician Assistant Program and continued to serve as a Physician Assistant in different capacities, including in Warrior Medicine at Martin Army Hospital.

Contribution to Health Care

Lt. Col. David Ginn’s dedication to military medicine is evident in his involvement in training and demonstrations of proper PPE usage in healthcare settings. His commitment to providing medical care extends beyond military boundaries, as seen in his participation in “Medical Capability” missions to treat minor ailments for local populations in Iraq.

Promotions and Recognition

In December 2020, Lt. Col. David Ginn was promoted to his current rank, acknowledging his exemplary service as a Physician Assistant. His contribution to the 23rd CST and Joint Force Headquarters highlights his expertise and leadership in the field of military medicine.


In conclusion, Lieutenant Colonel David Ginn exemplifies dedication, expertise, and leadership in navigating the challenges of military medicine. His commitment to improving health outcomes for service members and local populations reflects a profound sense of duty and service. Through his extensive experience and education, Lt. Col. Ginn continues to make a significant impact in the field of global health and military medicine.

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