Savor the Spirits of Music City: Your Guide to the Best Nashville Booze Tours

Nashville, Tennessee, is not only synonymous with country music but also boasts a thriving scene of craft breweries, historic distilleries, and innovative cocktail bars. If you’re looking to elevate your Nashville experience with exceptional drinks and memorable tours, here’s a guide to the best booze tours that Music City has to offer.

Exploring Craft Beer

Nashville Brewery Tours: Taste Local Craftsmanship

Embark on a brewery tour in Nashville to discover the city’s diverse craft beer offerings. These tours often include visits to multiple breweries where you can sample a variety of beers, from hoppy IPAs to robust stouts. Knowledgeable guides provide insights into the brewing process and the unique flavors of each beer, making it a perfect outing for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

The Gulch Beer Crawl: Hip Hops in a Trendy Neighborhood

Experience Nashville’s vibrant Gulch neighborhood on a beer crawl that takes you to some of the city’s trendiest breweries and taprooms. This social tour allows you to enjoy a variety of craft beers while soaking in the neighborhood’s cool ambiance and artistic flair. It’s an ideal way to mingle with locals and fellow travelers while savoring the best brews that the Gulch has to offer.

Discovering Tennessee Whiskey

Nashville Distillery Tours: Dive into Whiskey Heritage

No visit to Nashville is complete without delving into its rich whiskey heritage. Join a distillery tour to explore the art and craftsmanship behind Tennessee whiskey. Guided by experts, these tours often include tastings at renowned distilleries where you can sample different styles of whiskey and learn about their production processes. It’s an immersive experience that gives you a deeper appreciation for Nashville’s iconic spirit.

Whiskey Row Distillery Tour: Heritage and Tasting

Take a journey along Nashville’s historic Whiskey Row, home to some of the city’s oldest and most esteemed distilleries. This guided tour offers exclusive access to multiple distilleries, where you’ll taste their distinctive whiskeys and hear stories of their storied pasts. From smooth bourbons to bold ryes, each tasting reflects the craftsmanship and tradition that define Nashville’s whiskey scene.

Indulging in Creative Cocktails

Nashville Cocktail Tours: Mixology and Local Flavors

Immerse yourself in Nashville’s cocktail culture with a guided tour of the city’s top bars and lounges. These tours highlight innovative mixology techniques and showcase cocktails inspired by local ingredients and flavors. Expert guides share their knowledge of cocktail history and craftsmanship, providing a sophisticated nightlife experience in Music City.

Historic Bar Crawl: Toast to Nashville’s Past

Step back in time with a historic bar crawl that explores Nashville’s iconic drinking establishments. Led by local historians, these tours visit legendary bars with fascinating stories from Nashville’s colorful history. From hidden speakeasies to lively honky-tonks, each stop offers a glimpse into the city’s past while enjoying drinks where legends once gathered.


Nashville Booze Tours offer a unique blend of flavors, history, and local charm that promise to enhance your visit to Music City. Whether you’re sampling craft beers, sipping Tennessee whiskey, or indulging in creative cocktails, each tour provides an immersive experience that celebrates Nashville’s vibrant beverage culture. With knowledgeable guides and unforgettable tastings, these tours ensure that your exploration of Nashville’s spirits is both educational and enjoyable. Cheers to discovering the best of Nashville’s booze scene on your next visit!

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